Freeport Bible Center | In-Person Service Guidelines
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In-Person Service Guidelines

Freeport Bible Center Updated In-Person Service Guideliness

We are excited to re-open, but will continue to practice caution and social distancing. All attendees must reserve their place in Church ahead of time and follow the following safeguards.

  • All attendees should maintain six feet of distance between each other, except for members of the same family or household.
  • Attendees will sit in every other row, and at least 6 feet of space must be maintained between individuals & households.
  • Children over the age of six will be asked to sit in service with their family.
  • Those who are sick or experiencing any flu like symptoms should not attend.
  • We encourage persons who are considered high risk or vulnerable to connect online.
  • All are required to wear face masks.
  • No hand shakes, hugs, or other physical touch greetings.

Important Changes

Entrance & Check In

All people will use the back parking lot entrance to the church. Church doors will be propped open to prevent the need to touch handles. Upon arrival, we will have a social distanced, hands-free check-in process. Only those registered will be allowed to enter church.

Temperature Check

Upon Entry, every person’s temperature will be taken using a non-contact thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 99.5 degrees will be asked to enjoy the service online as a precaution.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizing stations are to be provided at entrances. All are encouraged to use before & after services.

Orderly Dismissals

Every person will be asked to exit via the front Main Street entrance and use the driveway to access rear parking lot. We encourage social distancing as you leave.

Continuation of Online Services

We will continue hosting our weekly online services. We hope those who cannot join us in person will continue joining us online.