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Generation of Hope

Making a difference in Central American Children

Generation Hope is an initiative that aims to help the Central American childhood. We have more than 4 educational programs including the schools Carlos Luis Vargas and Evelyn Vargas. In addition to an education, these programs help low-income children with food and monthly medical checkups.


In the coming years Generation of Hope seeks to expand its reach by building “La Ciudad del Niño – Dereck Emmanuel” which means the City of Children – Dereck Emmanuel. It will feature facilities that will give housing, health and education to orphans and less fortunate children in Central America. Of greatest importance these children will be integrated into a family with the goal to develop professionals who in the future will become promoters of social and economic changes with a right heart. This project is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. - 1 John 3:18

2021 Project Update

Honduras Finished Facade

We continue to work on the building’s finishes.

A look at the exterior of the first building!

PHOTO-2021-04-01-14-47-05 (1)

2020 Project Update (Dec)


Progress continues as workers press forward to complete the roof of one of the buildings of Children’s City in Honduras.

The third floor of the first building is being constructed.


2019 Project Update (July)


Next a concrete slab will be poured on the the metal decking for what will be the second floor.

We continue to make progress by placing metal joist such as this one to hold up the metal decking which will placed on top.


2019 Project Update (March)


We continue to build brick over brick for what will be the building where children will live with their adoptive parents.

Putting hands to work. The foundation has already been laid and the columns are up for the first structure of Children’s City Central America in Honduras.